The Second BEAT Festival

An Invitation To Move, Explore, Engage

This year’s festival combines iconic Brooklyn spaces, a performance for one person, wild adventures through the Brooklyn Museum, dance around a family camper, an electrifying street dancer, and a few important nods to our borough’s hallowed history…


Special Events

BKMBEAT Opening Night | FREE

For one night only, the Brooklyn Museum becomes the “Brooklyn Museum of the Performing Arts.” See all the artists in this year’s BEAT Festival performing throughout Brooklyn’s largest cultural institution. Performances will be taking place in all corners and halls of the building and it’s up to you to find them. Come one, come all – this is a FREE event, a true celebration of Brooklyn performing arts.


Museum MashUps 

The People To ComeMuseum MashUp #1 | $20

3 Diverse Artists, 3 Unique Galleries, 90 minutes of performance. Witness the world premiere of Yanira Castro’s “Nancy” as well as dance sequences from LeeSaar The Company and a series of hip-hop improvisations hosted by the Freestyle Mondays crew. Move from one space to another, experiencing the flow of the museum and three cutting edge site-specific performances.


SBP2Museum MashUp #2 | $20

In one room, witness the world premiere of Storyboard P’s “Magna Carta Story”. In another, listen to the enchanting voice of countertenor Nicholas Tamagna. Be escorted from one to the other through the unpredictable and surprising performance vignettes created by The IPA.  Museum MashUp #2 is certain to reveal the Brooklyn Museum in a way you’ve never experienced before.



CGMTMetroTech Lunchtime MashUp | FREE

Grab lunch at our Downtown Brooklyn hub venue, La Defense, and settle in for two rare sites in one hour’s performance: a countertenor and street dancer, together.  Nicholas Tamagna sings and Storyboard P moves in this lunchtime mashup of singing and dance in the glorious MetroTech Commons.


Benefit For “CBE Feeds”


Dispatches From Sandy | $20 (Suggested Donation)

Consider the nature of giving and receiving service as Brave New World Repertory Theater does a reading of reflections from relief volunteers at the front lines of Hurricane Sandy. Also, hear accounts of people directly involved in the relief effort. Meant to both raise awareness on the continuing efforts to repair the city and to raise funds for “CBE Feeds”, this event will celebrate the spirit of partnership inspired by disaster relief while reminding us that we still have much work to do to help those affected by the storm.



BEAT Closing Party, feat Lemon Andersen | $20

Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, come mingle with the artists on the final night of the festival in the ballroom at Congregation Beth Elohim.  Plus (announced 9/5), get a sneak peek into Tony-award winning actor, writer and poet Lemon Andersen’s new performance piece, “ToasT”!



Ping Chong and Company

Ping Chong + Company 

Brooklyn ’63 | $20

Presented in partnership with 651 ARTS, “Brooklyn ‘63” is a theater performance that  features the true stories of Brooklyn-based activists, witnesses and those who inherited the legacy of a generation of civic action. Ping Chong + Company use the interview-based Undesirable Elements process to create this new work, featuring stories from members of African American, Puerto Rican, and Jewish communities about the pivotal year 1963 – when community activism crossed racial, religious and ethnic lines to bring social change.


Odyssey Works 

Odyssey Works: Brooklyn | FREE 

“Odyssey Works: Brooklyn” is a day-long performance created for a one-person audience. Encompassing theater, classical composition, installation art, writing, the spectacular and the intimate, Odyssey Works: Brooklyn invites anyone to become extras in scenes designed to change the life of a single Brooklynite. Other than the one person, there is no audience, and the extras, instead, become collaborators and witnesses to the transformation of that person’s life. Participation is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible to be part of this very special event.



Institute of Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA)

Experiment 23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM) | $20

Fresh from their epic one-on-one performance adventure in DUMBO last spring, the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA) takes on another New York City landmark with “Experiment #23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM)”.  Founded by four recent graduates of Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts M.F.A. program, the IPA creates performances exploring the intersection of site and individual psychology. “Experiment #23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM)” transforms the traditional museum tour into a personalized journey of the unexpected. Join the adventure. Tours available by appointment only.




a canary torsi

Nancy | $20 | WORLD PREMIERE

“Nancy” is a dance installation by a canary torsi. It is the third in a line of performer portraits by choreographer Yanira Castro of former long-standing collaborators–“Pamela” in 2007 and “Heather O” in 2012. Each dance in exploring the representation of a performer, delves into questions of performativity: What is it to perform?  “Nancy” operates as a site-adaptable portrait of performer Nancy Ellis. Framed by a 12×12 raised platform and surrounded by fluorescent pillars–four unique performers take on the challenge of representation through the performance of a solo, revealing their individual qualities in response to a series of tasks and movement phrases, begging the question, who is “Nancy” a portrait of?


Storyboard P

Magna Carta Story | $20 | WORLD PREMIERE

Street dance legend Storyboard P brings his overwhelming talents to unlikely stages across Brooklyn. Merging a vast array of styles and traditions, he honed his gifts in the borough’s highly competitive street dance culture, emerging as the first official “King Of The Streets”.  See Story take over the Beaux Arts Hall in the Brooklyn Museum, MetroTech Commons and Brooklyn’s newest and most exciting stage, The Daily News Plaza at the Barclays Center.


Third Rail Projects

Roadside Attraction | FREE

“Roadside Attraction” is a family vacation that steps back in time to when Supertramp was on the radio, Connect Four was on the folding table and frisky business was in the bunks. Mom’s red Candies clapped from the camper’s linoleum kitchen window before she emerged in her cheetah print bathing suit with matching blanket, her platinum wig blowing in the breeze. Exploring expectations, acceptance, and the excruciating but illuminating identification with family role models, “Roadside Attraction” is a slice of nostalgic Americana, replete with lawn chairs, a picnic table, and all the trappings of a family that has been together on a road trip for far, far too long.


LeeSaar_960LeeSaar The Company

A Session With LeeSaar The Company | $15

Join the choreographers and dancers of LeeSaar The Company for a Gaga/people class followed by an open rehearsal within its Brooklyn home, Congregation Beth Elohim, on the final day of the festival.  Also, see the company as part of Museum MashUp #1, on Friday, September 13th at the Brooklyn Museum. (Note: Gaga/people class is open to all – no experience necessary!)



iLLspokinn and Mariella

Freestyle Mondays | $5

An 11-year tradition comes to Brooklyn in this one night only event in the ballroom at Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope.  “The Freestyle Mondays Gameshow Battle” brings the city’s brightest emerging hip-hop stars head-to-head in the unexpected world of freestyle.  Come compete, or just admire, as these lyricists improv the night away, revealing one champion in the end.  Not for the faint of heart.


nicholasNicholas Tamagna

Sacred Sounds | $20

Hear the breathtaking vocals of countertenor Nicholas Tamagna within the hallowed walls of Downtown Brooklyn’s St. Boniface Church.  This evening will feature new compositions as well as older, classic arias delivered by one of the city’s finest performers in a style so rarely seen, or heard.


The BEAT Venues

Learn all about this year’s performance locales and how the BEAT Festival proves to be a celebration of diversity and place. For many reasons, we’ve chosen these unique spaces for this year’s festival. Take a tour of Brooklyn by following the festival to these wonderful locations.



PrintBEAT/SEATS is our ticketing policy which insures $20 tickets to every BEAT Festival performance.  It also assures that tickets sold at the door are for a “suggested donation” of $20; no one will be turned away from a BEAT show because of cost.


BEAT Festival Passes

Take advantage of our simple pass system to get maximum access to this year’s BEAT Performing Arts Festival.  Purchase a full festival pass for just $60.  Open the festival to your liking and explore the performance side of Brooklyn.


BEAT Hub Venues

7437053574_a179a0c961_oYour BEAT tickets entitle you to discounts at our four hub venues within each featured community. Support local businesses and enjoy delicious cuisine and nightlife.



See BEAT Performances for free by joining our volunteer corps.  We need your help in making this year’s festival a huge success.  For every performance you volunteer at, get a comp to see another performance of your choice.


Festival Calendar

BEAT Festival- Elevator Repair ServiceWant to see all of our events in one place?  Want easy access to ticketing and location information? Then, check out our full festival calendar which provides every detail to map out your course through this year’s festival.  Join the adventure!