• Downtown Brooklyn: Multiple Locations

  • Sunset Park: Green-Wood Cemetery

  • East New York: Multiple Locations

  • Crown Heights: Brooklyn Museum

The BEAT Festival Venues

Brooklyn’s Largest Cultural Institution, a Majestic Historical Center, a State-of-the-Art Performing Center, a Vibrant Community Farmers Market, and Of Course
Brooklyn’s Very Streets

“With our third festival, we feature space as a primary component of our cultural contribution. By repurposing a wildly diverse array of venues into performance spaces, we honor the trend of the contemporary: to perform in nontraditional environments that contain the atmospheres of truth, openness and community vitality.”

~ Stephen Shelley, Artistic Director, BEAT

Crown Heights: Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238

brooklyn museum

About The Brooklyn Museum:

We proudly return to The Brooklyn Museum as an open environment for movement and exploration. Accepting the challenge of such a large, spacious venue caused us to again think far outside of the box and create opportunities for ALL this year’s performers to activate unique spaces throughout the building. Audiences discover these much like they would a new painting or sculpture. Also, don’t miss the interactive dance creation project #TweetDance, where professional dancers of all styles will turn your tweets into minute-long improvised dance performances – on the spot!


Thanks to Elisabeth Callihan & Alicia Boone, and the entire staff of the Brooklyn Museum.

Downtown Brooklyn: Multiple Locations


About Downtown Brooklyn:

One of Brooklyn’s most dynamic and evolving communities hosts a wild array of different performances in this year’s festival. First, we present a free lunchtime MashUp on September 12th featuring opera and Bruk-Up, the foundation of Brooklyn street dancing, followed by very different, site-specific performances throughout the community. Our Downtown Brooklyn program includes a riveting one-man show at the Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn, contemporary opera at the Brooklyn Historic Society, an immersive theatrical experience at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and several free outdoor events on Brooklyn streets.

BEAT 2014 Venues In Downtown Brooklyn:

• Barclays Center Plaza, 620 Atlantic Ave
• The Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont Street
• Brooklyn Navy Yard, BLDG 92, 63 Flushing Avenue
• The Irondale Center, 85 S Oxford
• Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn
• MetroTech Commons, MetroTech Center

Thanks to: Ashley Cotton, Brigitte Labonte, Joe Charrette, O’Shane Dell, Marcia Ely, Rodney Hurley, Charles Jarden, and Vivian Liao

East New York: Multiple Locations

About East New York:

The East New York Farmers Market is a community-run market including 23 local gardeners, 11 local vendors, and three regional farmers. Since 1998, the market has provided fresh produce and a gathering space for families in East New York. The market is the only place in East New York to find local and organic produce, along with Caribbean specialty crops like karela, bora, and callaloo. We honored to partner with ARTs East NY in presenting three free events: a contemporary opera performance by new music ensemble Two Sides Sounding, a performance by dance pioneers the Bed-Stuy Veterans, and a special performance by East New York’s homegrown international star, Aja Monet.

BEAT 2014 Venues In East New York:

• East New York Farmer’s Market, Schenck Avenue between New Lots & Livonia Avenues
• Mi Tierra Community Park, 2501 Pitkin Avenue
• United Community Centers, 613 New Lots Avenue


Thanks to: Catherine Green & Ana Aguirre

Sunset Park: Green-Wood Cemetery

500 25th St | Brooklyn, NY 11232

Green-Wood Cemetary

About Green-Wood Cemetery:

We’re excited to hold our biggest and boldest event yet at the unforgettable Green-Wood Cemetery. Founded in 1838 and now a National Historic Landmark, Green-Wood was one of the first rural cemeteries in America. We’ll repurpose its 478 spectacular acres of hills, valleys, glacial ponds and paths for Crossing Over, a nighttime cemetery tour featuring four site-specific dance performances, each uniquely created by a distinctive Brooklyn-based choreographer. Each show will include a journey though Green-Wood led by Atlas Obscura, tour-guide to the world’s most wondrous places. Not to be missed!

Thanks to: Lisa Alpert, Chelsea Dowell, Emily Ludolph, and Carla Shen